20th Oct 2017


Building Your Business With Amazon

A lot of you reading this article are probably working a full-time job; most likely one that you don’t like and that doesn’t give you enough money and freedom to live the life you want. You may even have tried to start your own business, and you have not made a lot of progress, or maybe you are already doing well at your business, but you want to add another stream of income.

Whatever your case is, building your own online business does not just come on a platter of gold and can be pretty frustrating. You need to worry about many things including, finding the product, finding the right supplier, taking care of all the logistics and most importantly: selling your product…

Another challenge is that most people out there are doing almost everything wrong and are making next to nothing regarding revenue, and that is scary for the newbie who is just looking to cut his teeth in the online industry. If all you have access to is the quick tips, tricks, hacks and best sellers, you will get your butt burnt one of these days.

You need to know how to build a real, sustainable, and scalable online business that will give you enough money and the time and freedom to simply enjoy life.

You’ll find many success stories of people form all types of businesses starting from zero and making it to the top… But lately a trend has emerged: using Amazon as a Launchpad to your business

Below are the reasons why I always recommend you build your online business using Amazon as a first step on building a successful online ecommerce:

1. Done for you: Amazon is a monster when it comes to logistics. They have millions of sellers worldwide and they have a long experience in the business. You just need to send your product and once a sale is made, they dispatch your product to the customer. So you no longer have to worry about the logistics. You first need to create a listing, upload some pictures, come up with a great description and your product should quickly be live

2. You can have access to hundred of millions of customers… People browse Amazon to buy products, so when a customer is looking for something on Amazon, it’s usually to buy it. Amazon has a great reputation and buyers trust the brand

3. You can work from anywhere, you don’t need an office, you don’t need employees neither you need warehouses. You just need your computer, an Internet connection and some cash to launch.

4. You can sell anything: If you doubt this, you just go to and see their vast array of items. You just have to look for the “right” products and off you go

5. Ease of getting help: Doing business on Amazon is a prevalent topic, and you can easily find guides and models online to help you understand the business and guide you to set up your very own online business.

So you just need to do some research to find a good product and almost everything else will be taken care of by Amazon. Needless to say how much money is needed for a traditional brick and mortar retail and all the struggles you need to go through before even opening your store… We now live in a wonderful world where

To your success!